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Klondike Derby Camporee, Jan 17-18, 2020

Troop 850 will be attending the annual Klondike Derby Camporee at Camp Freidlander from Friday, January 17, 2020 at 5:30pm to Sunday, January 19, 2020 at 9:00am.
Many years ago, men raced across the Alaskan wilderness by means of dogs and sleds. Scouting has taken this idea and created the Klondike Derby. Each patrol builds a sled, collects materials and equipment and prepares to embark on the Klondike adventure and participate as a team in the derby.
The cost $25.00 and permission slips are due by the January 14th meeting.

Winter Bushwack Hike, Jan 4th, 2020

Troop 850 and the Webelos will be going to Clifton Gorge State Nature Preserve and John Bryan State Park for a day hike on Saturday, January 4th, 2020.  The hike is about 10 miles long, going mostly along the Little Miami River which is a National Scenic River. Please bring a day pack, water bottle, sack lunch, and dress appropriately for the weather.  The first twelve scouts to RSVP will get the annual Bushwhack patch.  The cost for the trip is $10.  Please fill out the attached permission slip and contact Dan Ogilvie ( to RSVP.

01 Bushwhack hike Permission Slip

2020 Boundary Waters High Adventure


The Troop’s high adventure trip next year will be a wilderness canoeing adventure in the Boundary Waters ase tag=list id=35 pagenav=1 /]Canoe Area Wilderness in far northeastern Minnesota along the Canadian border. For those who missed the Court of Honor earlier this week, a fact sheet with all the relevant details is attached. 

If you missed the video at the Court of Honor, click here. For more information about the boundary Waters, click here.

If you have questions, ask Chas Hertlein, Dan Ogilvie or Dan Rottmueller.

2020 Boundary Waters High Adventure Fact Sheet--final
2020 Boundary Waters High Adventure Fact Sheet--final
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2020 Merit Badge Challenge

Below are 3 documents with details on Merit Badge Challenge (MBC) to be held February 1st, 15th, and 29th.  Read the Troop 850 Letter first.  I would like to receive all registration requests for review by November 19th.  Registration opens on November 12th, so the sooner you choose your classes, the better chance of getting your first choices.

We will register together as a Troop, so please follow the instructions in the Troop 850 Letter, and do not mail in your registration.

2020 MBC Letter
2020 MBC Letter
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2020 MBC Handbook
2020 MBC Handbook
191.0 KiB
2020 MBC Merit Badges & PreWork
2020 MBC Merit Badges & PreWork
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Combo Campout, Nov 1-3, 2019

Troop 850’s November campout is our Combo Campout at Cub World with the Webelos and Cub Scouts of Pack 850. Boy Scouts will be leading learning stations for the Cubs, including cooking, fire building, personal fitness, and wilderness survival. We strongly encourage all active Boy Scouts and available parents to attend to optimize our ability to provide an excellent experience to the young Cub Scouts. There is no charge for this campout, since it is considered a service to our fellow St Ignatius Scouts. Please return the 11 Combo Campout-permission slip by the October 22nd meeting.

Peterloon, October 4-6, 2019

Peterloon is approaching fast!  The troop will be heading to Camp Friedlander October 4-6 for the event celebrating the 100th Anniversary of the camp.

Peterloon 2019 will be made up of 4 sub-themed areas called “Eras.” Each Era celebrates a historical time period of Scouting with appropriate activities, exhibitions, decorations, and experiences. The Scout will experience a trail of history as they start at the first Era and travel to the last!

If you are planning to attend, you should have already registered at the beginning of the summer.  If you are no longer planning to attend, please let Mr. Ogilvie know ASAP so we can try and fill your spot which you already paid for, out of your account. If you would like to attend and did not register, please let Mr. Ogilvie know by Wednesday of this week (tomorrow) to get you registered or fill a spot that opens up. Late registration ends this week.

Those already registered have paid for their spot through their scout account funds, but a permission slip is still required.  Please fill out the attached document and return it by the October 1st meeting.

10 Peterloon-permission slip

In case you missed Mr. Ogilvie’s email on Sunday, the scouts and adults currently registered are listed below:

Joe Boeckermann
Owen Goudelock
Mitch Smith
Jared Huseman
James Covarrubias
Parker Moyer
Jack Greiner
Nick Walro
Eric Swails
Landon Ogilvie
Trevor Ogilvie
Robert Boeckermann
Jason Angst
Jason Covarrubias
Allyson Moyer
Kirk Greiner
Dan Ogilvie

Backpacking Campout, September 13-15, 2019

For our September campout, we will be backpacking at Zaleski State Forest in southeastern Ohio.  The trip has been planned by Mr. Ogilvie and Mr. Rottmueller.  The price is $30 and food will be purchased by Mr. Ogilvie.  We will be leaving the St. I parking lot at 5:30 on Friday, 9/13, and will return around 2pm on Sunday, 9/15.  Parents will receive a call from their children when we have an exact time of return.  The permission slip is available on this post and is due back by Tuesday, September 3rd, along with the money for the trip.


This is also a reminder that we have our Court of Honor tomorrow, 8/27.  Please bring a snack and/or a drink.



09 September Backpacking-permission slip

Bike Riding Campout, June 7-9 2019

For early June, the Scouts have planned a bike-riding themed campout at Hueston Woods. The park has 20 miles of mountain bike trails, with four loop trails ranging from beginner to intermediate/advanced in difficulty and from 1.6 to 10.2 miles in length. Additionally, there are paved roads in the campground suitable for biking on. We’re planning to transport bikes from St I’s to the camp area in one of the trailers. For scouts or adults who do not have a bike to use, parents can make arrangements on their own to rent a bike from the Oxford bike shop. Trail information can be viewed on the MTB website , and trail conditions are posted here. (The mountain bike trails are closed if conditions are too wet, but there are still plenty fun things to do at Hueston Woods.)
Everyone who plans on riding a bike at this camp out will definitely need to remember to bring a bike helmet.
Permission slip and $25 payment to cover cost are due at the meeting June 4.

Bike Riding Campout Permission Slip
Bike Riding Campout Permission Slip
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Rock Climbing Campout – May 10-12, 2019

Troop 850 will be rock climbing in May at Red River Gorge Via Ferrata, located about 2 ½ hours from Cincinnati near Natural Bridge, KY. This is consistently among the campouts Scouts mention as one of their favorites. Check out the photos and other information at SouthEast Mountain Guides website. We will be camping nearby at Natural Bridge State Park campground. The cost for this campout is higher than typical at $60 per person; this is because the climbing fee is $43. The actual cost to the Troop including food, camping fees, and transportation is anticipated to be slightly more than what you pay, the troop will cover the additional expense.

Everyone who plans on rock climbing must submit a climbing waiver, and all Scouts must complete the usual Troop permission slip. Please turn in all required forms with payment by Tuesday, May 7th.

05 May Rock Climbing Campout Permission Slip
05 May Rock Climbing Campout Permission Slip
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Spring Backpacking Campout, April 12-14 2019

The Spring Backpacking trip April 12-14 will be to the Two Lakes region of Hoosier National Forest in Indiana. A nice feature of this trail is, if we have enough participants, it is easy to divide into two groups on Saturday–a longer trail for more experienced hikers, and a shorter trek for first time hikers or those who prefer a less strenuous day. Those planning to attend should refer to the gear list for Spring Backpacking trip on the Troop website (under “Info”). The Troop has a limited number of backpacks to be loaned out for those who need a backpack, please contact Mr Ogilvie ASAP if you would like to borrow gear. Please return the permission slip and payment by the Troop meeting on April 9th.

Permission slip April 2019
Permission slip April 2019
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