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T-Shirt Tuesday

Next Tuesday, May 3, is t-shirt Tuesday at the Troop’s weekly meeting. As you know, all boys attending summer camp or high adventure will be required to have a complete set of six t-shirts in six designated colors. Everyone will wear the same color each day of the trip. This makes it a lot easier to keep track of the boys both on the road and in camp. Each Scout is entitled to one new t-shirt in this year’s color as part of their annual dues payment. Additional shirts necessary to complete the set will be available for purchase at our cost. This Tuesday we ask that every Scout bring in his entire collection of Troop t-shirts (freshly laundered, please) so we can take an inventory and determine needs. We also hope that you will donate any usable t-shirts that may no longer fit your Scout back to the Troop for possible future use by younger Scouts. Once we figure out the details, we let everyone know.

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