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Swimming Merit Badge

Swimming merit badge is one of the required badges for Eagle. It is also a necessary building block for taking other merit badges such as Lifesaving, and it is a prerequisite for anyone who wishes to participate in one of the water-related high adventure trips–kayaking the New River, canoing in Minnesota, or scuba diving. We recomend that all new Scouts make every effort to earn this badge their first summer in the Troop, usually at summer camp. This year, however, new Scouts are unable to take both their Tenderfoot to First Class advancement classes and Swimming merit badge. So, Chas Hertlein will be offering the merit badge to interested Scouts over the course of this summer, mostly on Tuesday nights during regular meeting times. In order to schedule the classes, I need to know as soon as possible exactly which Scouts will want to earn this merit badge. So please drop me an email or give me a call to let me know!

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