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Time to Order T-Shirts!

Keeping track of 25 or 30 Scouts at camp or on the road to high adventure can be challenging, to say the least. We’ve found that having all of our Scouts and Troops wear the same t-shirt for these events is a huge help to our adult leaders. So for the past few years we’ve let everyone know exactly what color troop t-shirts they will need to wear on these trips. This year, everyone (Scout or adult) who is going to summer camp at Camp Friedlander will need troop t-shirts in the following colors:  RED  YELLOW  BRIGHT GREEN  ORANGE  GRAY  TAN   MAROON

Everyone going on the high adventure trip to Minnesota will need: RED   YELLOW   BRIGHT GREEN   ORANGE

An order form is attached here: 

T-shirt Order Form
T-shirt Order Form
TROOP 850 2012 T Shirt order form.pdf
5.5 KiB
Please fill it out with your t-shirt needs and return to Chas Hertlein not later than the May 15 meeting so we’ll have time to get our order filled with the t-shirt company. The cost is $8.00 per shirt.

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