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Calendar Improvements

We’ve improved the Calendar feature on! It is now based on Google Calendar and can be viewed in three different modes: weekly, monthly, or agenda. The agenda view is simply a list of all scheduled events without a calendar grid. You can click on any event for more details. And since it is now based on Google Calendar, you can easily import the Troop calendar onto your computer, tablet or smartphone. If you already have a Google account (such as gmail), simply go to the Google page in your internet browser, select the Calendar tab at the top of the page, and from there click Other Calendars–Add a Coworker’s Calendar. Insert the following email address––and the Troop calendar will be instantly added to your own Google Calendar. You can also download the Android Google Calendar app onto your Android Smartphone or tablet, or the Google app for iPhone and/or iPad, and similarly import the Troop’s calendar instantly.

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