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Spaghetti Dinner Tickets

To All Troop 850 Scouts and Parents,

Troop 850 is sponsoring the annual Spaghetti Dinner to be held on April 6, 3:30pm – 7:00pm in the St. Ignatius School Cafeteria. Everyone’s help is needed to make this a successful event.
Boys were given advance tickets at the 2/26/13 troop meeting. Each advance ticket that you sell, earns credit in your personal Troop 850 account that can be used to pay for campouts, summer camp and other Troop activities. You will be credited $4.00 for each advance ticket that you sell. These tickets are your responsibility and you will be expected to turn in either the unsold tickets or the money you collected no later than the Troop meeting held on Tuesday, April 2nd. All the advance tickets you have must be accounted for at that time. If turned in later than the troop meeting on April 2nd, your personal account WILL NOT be credited with the money from the advance sale.
If you need additional tickets, please contact Nicki Eichhold at

Advance Ticket prices:
Adult Tickets (12 yrs – 64 yrs): $7.00
Child/Senior Tickets (3 yrs – 11 yrs or >65 yrs): $5.00
Children under 3: FREE
Cub Scouts in Uniform: FREE

***PLEASE turn in any money collected and any unsold tickets in an envelope with your name. Also, indicate how many adult tickets were sold, how many child tickets were sold and the amount of any donation you received. When scouts hand in a pile of cash with unsold tickets it is VERY difficult to figure out who deserves credit for advance sales.***

Top 3 Sellers will be recognized at the Spaghetti Dinner as well as receive an awesome prize for their efforts!!

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