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Welcome New Scouts!

We are┬ápleased to welcome 12 new Scouts and their families to Troop 850! The Troop Directory, which is available under the Members Only tab of the website, has now been updated t0 add all of our new members, and all of our new families have been added to the membership roll of this website. Your initial username is simply the Scout’s last name in all small letters (“jones”), and your initial password is the Scout’s first name plus home zip code (“timmy45239”). You should sign on soon and change your username and/or password to something of your own choosing.

Every Scout also has an account in our TroopMaster advancement tracking system. You can check your Scout’s records at anytime by signing onto TroopMaster Web–there is a link for it under the Members Only tab on this website. Your initial username and password for TroopMaster Web is the same as for this website–you can and should sign on and change them.

One other note: If your Scout has his own email address, we encourage them to register as a website member so they will directly get all notifications and posts.

If you have any questions at all, either about or TroopMaster Web, you can email Chas Hertlein at

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