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Eagle Scout Project Fundraiser

Hello. This is Evan Ogilvie, and I am currently working on my Eagle Scout Project. I am working at St. Ignatius with the help of the principal, Mr. Tim Reilly, to create indoor, vertical gardens. Each garden will be on a metal rack with its own set of LED grow lights and irrigation system. At first, these gardens will only be growing baby lettuce, but the hope is that in the future, they will grow a lot more than just lettuce.

Everyday, students have the option to have a salad with their lunch as an entrée or a side. For over 1,000 students, that’s a lot of lettuce. My goal for this project is to show the students where their food comes from, how much it takes to grow something they eat everyday, and let them take part in growing their lunch.

The goal is to have four racks. That way a rack of lettuce is harvested and planted each week since baby lettuce takes about 4 weeks to fully grow. Each rack will cost approximately $650 each. Any extra funds or materials will be set aside so that more racks can be purchased in the future, or donated to Food Rescue, who will also be receiving the unused or unwanted food from lunches and the extra lettuce.

I have set up a Go Fund Me page seeking donations from the community. Clicking here will take you to the page. Alternatively, donations can be sent directly to Troop 850. Any help you can give is greatly appreciated and thank you so much for your support. If you have any questions or would like to know more about my project, please contact me at

Thank you so much for your help!

Evan Ogilvie

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