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Bike Riding Campout, June 7-9 2019

For early June, the Scouts have planned a bike-riding themed campout at Hueston Woods. The park has 20 miles of mountain bike trails, with four loop trails ranging from beginner to intermediate/advanced in difficulty and from 1.6 to 10.2 miles in length. Additionally, there are paved roads in the campground suitable for biking on. We’re planning to transport bikes from St I’s to the camp area in one of the trailers. For scouts or adults who do not have a bike to use, parents can make arrangements on their own to rent a bike from the Oxford bike shop. Trail information can be viewed on the MTB website , and trail conditions are posted here. (The mountain bike trails are closed if conditions are too wet, but there are still plenty fun things to do at Hueston Woods.)
Everyone who plans on riding a bike at this camp out will definitely need to remember to bring a bike helmet.
Permission slip and $25 payment to cover cost are due at the meeting June 4.

Bike Riding Campout Permission Slip
Bike Riding Campout Permission Slip
25.0 KiB