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Spaghetti Dinner Reminder

All advance spaghetti dinner ticket sales are due at tomorrow’s troop meeting. In order for your scout’s account to be credited they must be turned in at that time. PLEASE turn in any money collected and any unsold tickets in an envelope with your name.

Also, indicate how many adult tickets were sold, how many child tickets were sold and the amount of any donation you received. When scouts hand in a pile of cash with unsold tickets it is VERY difficult to figure out who deserves credit for advance sales.

Setup is this FRIDAY at 6 PM in the cafeteria.  Schedules will be distributed tomorrow night at the scout meeting.

Welcome New Scouts!

We are pleased to welcome 12 new Scouts and their families to Troop 850! The Troop Directory, which is available under the Members Only tab of the website, has now been updated t0 add all of our new members, and all of our new families have been added to the membership roll of this website. Your initial username is simply the Scout’s last name in all small letters (“jones”), and your initial password is the Scout’s first name plus home zip code (“timmy45239”). You should sign on soon and change your username and/or password to something of your own choosing.

Every Scout also has an account in our TroopMaster advancement tracking system. You can check your Scout’s records at anytime by signing onto TroopMaster Web–there is a link for it under the Members Only tab on this website. Your initial username and password for TroopMaster Web is the same as for this website–you can and should sign on and change them.

One other note: If your Scout has his own email address, we encourage them to register as a website member so they will directly get all notifications and posts.

If you have any questions at all, either about or TroopMaster Web, you can email Chas Hertlein at

Spaghetti Dinner Sponsors

We are still accepting sponsors for our upcoming fundraiser.  Gift cards, event tickets, and cash are appreciated and enhance our evening with an exciting raffle.  Please consider if your company or friends/family would like to make a donation to help our troop fundraiser.

All sponsors will be recognized at the event with their names and/or logos displayed to thank them for their contribution for all to see who our generous benefactors are.

Please contact Chip Branscum at or 513-623-4941 if you’d like to make a donation or have any questions.

Spring Backpacking Trip April 12-14

The Spring Backpacking trip April 12-14 will be held at Twin Lakes in the Hoosier National Forest.  All Scouts (and adults) are welcome to attend including 1st time backpackers who will follow a separate trail appropriate for 1st timers.  If you are a new Scout who just crossed over and you would like to attend, see Mr. Rottmueller to discuss. 

All 1st time backpackers must bring their backpacks loaded with the appropriate gear to the Troop meeting on April 2nd.  Refer to the gear list for Spring Backpacking trip on the troop website (under Handy Information).

Please complete the permission slip below and submit with payment of $32 by April 9th.

Spring Backpacking Permission Slip
27.5 KiB

Spaghetti Dinner Tickets

To All Troop 850 Scouts and Parents,

Troop 850 is sponsoring the annual Spaghetti Dinner to be held on April 6, 3:30pm – 7:00pm in the St. Ignatius School Cafeteria. Everyone’s help is needed to make this a successful event.
Boys were given advance tickets at the 2/26/13 troop meeting. Each advance ticket that you sell, earns credit in your personal Troop 850 account that can be used to pay for campouts, summer camp and other Troop activities. You will be credited $4.00 for each advance ticket that you sell. These tickets are your responsibility and you will be expected to turn in either the unsold tickets or the money you collected no later than the Troop meeting held on Tuesday, April 2nd. All the advance tickets you have must be accounted for at that time. If turned in later than the troop meeting on April 2nd, your personal account WILL NOT be credited with the money from the advance sale.
If you need additional tickets, please contact Nicki Eichhold at

Advance Ticket prices:
Adult Tickets (12 yrs – 64 yrs): $7.00
Child/Senior Tickets (3 yrs – 11 yrs or >65 yrs): $5.00
Children under 3: FREE
Cub Scouts in Uniform: FREE

***PLEASE turn in any money collected and any unsold tickets in an envelope with your name. Also, indicate how many adult tickets were sold, how many child tickets were sold and the amount of any donation you received. When scouts hand in a pile of cash with unsold tickets it is VERY difficult to figure out who deserves credit for advance sales.***

Top 3 Sellers will be recognized at the Spaghetti Dinner as well as receive an awesome prize for their efforts!!

Calendar Improvements

We’ve improved the Calendar feature on! It is now based on Google Calendar and can be viewed in three different modes: weekly, monthly, or agenda. The agenda view is simply a list of all scheduled events without a calendar grid. You can click on any event for more details. And since it is now based on Google Calendar, you can easily import the Troop calendar onto your computer, tablet or smartphone. If you already have a Google account (such as gmail), simply go to the Google page in your internet browser, select the Calendar tab at the top of the page, and from there click Other Calendars–Add a Coworker’s Calendar. Insert the following email address––and the Troop calendar will be instantly added to your own Google Calendar. You can also download the Android Google Calendar app onto your Android Smartphone or tablet, or the Google app for iPhone and/or iPad, and similarly import the Troop’s calendar instantly.

Service Project Campout at Fort Ancient, March 8-10

Troop 850 will hold our annual Service Campout at Fort Ancient the weekend of March 8-10. We will perform a service project in the park to get the park ready for the season.  We will also tour the Fort Ancient Museum and all Scouts will receive a service patch from the park director.

Please return the Permission Slip and Waiver form by March 5th.  As in previous years, there is no charge for our Service Campout.

Fort Ancient Permission Slip
Fort Ancient Permission Slip
27.5 KiB

Fort Ancient Waiver
Fort Ancient Waiver
25.5 KiB

Summer Camp July 14-20

Troop 850 will be attending Summer Camp at the Ransburg Scout Reservation near Bloomington, Indiana the week of July 14-20.  The cost per Scout including transportation is $270.  The first payment of $120 is due February 19th with the balance of $150 due on April 9th.  For adults able to attend camp for the entire week, the cost is only $50 (pay by February 19th) with Troop 850 paying the remainder of the fee.   Council will charge an extra $10 for late payments, so be sure to make your payments on time. 

All Scouts and Adults are required to complete a Medical form signed by a medical professional to be turned in upon arrival at camp.  A link to this form is provided below.  Also, a copy of your medical insurance card (front and back) must be included.

A link is provided to a flyer put out by the Crossroads of America Council.  See page 3 for Ransburg information.   Information about signups for merit badges will be announced later.  See  for more information.  

This will be a memorable week for our Scouts and we hope to have a large turnout of Scouts and adults.  

Medical Form
Medical Form
740.9 KiB
Ransburg Flyer
Ransburg Flyer
592.3 KiB

Scout Sunday – Noon Mass

This weekend is Scout Sunday – celebrated throughout the US.  Troop 850 along with Pack 850 will participate in Mass this Sunday the 3rd at NOON MASS.

Please arrive at 11:30 in full Class A uniform to Church Office.  Scouts will assemble prior to Mass in meeting room (leave coats there).  Scouts will process together and sit in reserved pews.  The readings, petitions, offering, will be by the cubs, webelos, and scouts.

After Mass volunteer Boy and Cub Scouts will collect money as parishioners leave for “Souper-Bowl” donating money to local food pantries/soup kitchens.

Every year we get many compliments after Mass.  Seeing all of our scouts assembled together in uniform is special and appreciated by parishioners with many positive compliments.

Dutch Oven Campout Feb 8-10

Camp Oyo  Permission Slip
Camp Oyo Permission Slip
27.5 KiB
Troop 850’s annual Dutch Oven Campout will be held the weekend of February 8-10 at Camp Oyo near Portsmouth, Ohio.  Under the guidance of Assistant Scoutmaster and Master Chef Andrew Ciolino, the Scouts will spend Saturday blending, stirring, spicing, pureeing, and decorating a 3 course meal.  Parents are encouraged to come and join in the fun and help create their own Dutch Oven feast.  We will stay in the cozy Lang Lodge — indoors!

Guest judges will determine the winning patrol who will have their names engraved on the plaque in our display case.   There will also be time set aside for card playing, an orienteering course, and a Saturday night movie with popcorn.  

Please return the permission slip (above) with fee ($35 per person) by Tuesday January 29th.    

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