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Peterloon, October 4-6, 2019

Peterloon is approaching fast!  The troop will be heading to Camp Friedlander October 4-6 for the event celebrating the 100th Anniversary of the camp.

Peterloon 2019 will be made up of 4 sub-themed areas called “Eras.” Each Era celebrates a historical time period of Scouting with appropriate activities, exhibitions, decorations, and experiences. The Scout will experience a trail of history as they start at the first Era and travel to the last!

If you are planning to attend, you should have already registered at the beginning of the summer.  If you are no longer planning to attend, please let Mr. Ogilvie know ASAP so we can try and fill your spot which you already paid for, out of your account. If you would like to attend and did not register, please let Mr. Ogilvie know by Wednesday of this week (tomorrow) to get you registered or fill a spot that opens up. Late registration ends this week.

Those already registered have paid for their spot through their scout account funds, but a permission slip is still required.  Please fill out the attached document and return it by the October 1st meeting.

10 Peterloon-permission slip

In case you missed Mr. Ogilvie’s email on Sunday, the scouts and adults currently registered are listed below:

Joe Boeckermann
Owen Goudelock
Mitch Smith
Jared Huseman
James Covarrubias
Parker Moyer
Jack Greiner
Nick Walro
Eric Swails
Landon Ogilvie
Trevor Ogilvie
Robert Boeckermann
Jason Angst
Jason Covarrubias
Allyson Moyer
Kirk Greiner
Dan Ogilvie

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