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Welcome to the New

We’ve updated and improved Troop 850’s website! You will notice a number of changes. The new website uses a modern content management system which will allow each of the Troop’s leaders to post articles directly to the website in real time–so instead of having to wait up to a month for the next newsletter, they can get the word out right away by posting it here. What’s more, when they do so, a message will automatically go out to the Troop’s new Facebook and Twitter accounts, so anyone who “LIKES” Troop 850 on Facebook or “FOLLOWS” the Troop on Twitter will be immediately notified of the new post–and even if you don’t use either Facebook or Twitter, if you become a registered member of the Troop’s website, you’ll get an email announcing the new post.

So be sure to become a member of the website–the first time you select the Members Only menu up above, you will be directed to a registration page where you can obtain a Username and Password.

Besides ensuring that you will get email notifications of new posts, by registering you will get access to directories of all Troop adults and Scouts, Troop merit badge counselors, and all merit badge counselors for our local district.

The Members Only menu will also give you access to a link to “TroopMaster Web.” This is the Troop’s internal database for tracking Scout advancement, training and so forth. At this site, you will be able to check your Scout’s advancement records at any time, so you can see just how well he’s doing! You will need a separate Username and Password for TroopMaster Web which will be sent to you after you register for the general website.

We hope you’ll find this new system helpful and informative!

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